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STD Testing Centers in Vincennes

328 N. 2Nd St
Suite 203
Vincennes, IN 47591
(812) 618-1611
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Why Patients Trust Us With Their STD Testing:

Confidential & Private

Testing for STDs can be a scary and sensitive subject. At Health Testing Centers, we make STD Testing in Vincennes as discreet and convenient as possible. All test results are confidential and are not part of your medical record unless you choose to share them with your doctor.

Fast Results

After having the sample taken at the lab, your easy to understand STD test results will be delivered securely to you in one to two days (some test results may take slightly longer.)

Money Back Guarantee

Health Testing Centers have been providing STD Testing in Vincennes for 30 years. To make the decision easy and stress free as possible we offer the assurance of a Money Back Guarantee on STD tests.

Same Day Testing

After ordering an STD test, we generate a requisition form to use at the lab. Once your requisition form is entered (usually 15-20 minutes after ordering) you can go to the lab immediately. No appointment is required.

Discretion with No Embarrassment

No physical exams or swabs are used and there is no need to remove your clothing. All STD tests are convenient blood or urine tests. The lab that you visit has all types of patients and laboratory testing being performed. We perform all form of “health” testing. So our emails to you nor our credit card billing information never mention “STD” in them.

Doctor’s Order Included

You do not need an order or a prescription from your doctor. All our orders include everything you need to have the test performed. After ordering, simply bring the requisition form to a LabCorp location close to you. Present that form and they will collect the proper specimen for your tests. There is no additional payment to LabCorp. We receive the results and send them directly to you.

STD Testing Available in Vincennes

Information for Vincennes About STD Testing

Vincennes STI Facts

The number of infections in the United States has increased to 19 million in recent history. Though most instances occur in people between the ages of 15 and 24, the implications are still alarming particularly for local communities such as Vincennes, IN.

The data suggests that syphilis rates in Vincennes have decreased markedly with the adoption of medical interventions. Syphilis was once an incurable disease that was directly linked to birth defects, heart difficulties, neurological problems, blindness, mental illness and even death.

New cases of gonorrhea are also on the rise in Vincennes, IN. Gonorrhea is rarely transmitted through oral sex, but it can be passed through vaginal or anal sex. It can also be transmitted through pregnancy.

Acute cases of all types of hepatitis remain consistently low in the CTIY population over the past five years. As is the case with Chlamydia, however, hepatitis often has few or no discernible symptoms. This underscores the importance of ongoing public education and testing for high risk groups, including men having sex with men and intravenous drug users.

Community STD Statistics: Vincennes
State Indiana
City Population 18403
 State Population    6488958
Syphilis Cases
2007 1
2008 1
2009 1
2010 1
2011 1
Chlamydia Cases
2007 59
2008 63
2009 62
2010 65
2011 79
Gonorrhea Cases
2007 25
2008 25
2009 19
2010 18
2011 19
2011 Herpes Cases
Male 1021
Female 1932
Total 2953
2011 AIDS Diagnoses
Male 1
Female 0
Total 1
Hepatitis A, B, & C Acute Cases
2006 0
2007 0
2008 0
2009 0
2010 0

Sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1998 CDC Report "HIV prevention through STD testing and treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases - MMWR 47(RR-12)," National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics. Estimates are based on 2010 US Census data extrapolated to the population.

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Health Testing Centers
328 N. 2Nd St
Suite 203
Vincennes, IN 47591
(812) 618-1611
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